My initial concept was inspired by my love for symbolism in tarot, my journey of being raised in Central Florida, and how Orlando played an integral part in my family's life when living in Daytona. The art above (red and yellow) was the chosen artwork.
Wanting to keep the colors minimal I chose gold and red, known in Asian culture as happiness and luck. The overall design was inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting.
Panel one depicts the statue of birds, "Take Flight" at Lake Eola. The large swallow-tailed kite with a floral pattern represents me, my mom, and my little brother in the past.
As we travel to Panels 2 and 3 on the left, the view shows a dim sum spread and entertainment we have in Downtown Orlando. Panel 3 is inspired by the "Discovery Muse" at Lake Eola and shows the Muse captivated by a disco ball with sparkles.
Panels 4 and 5 showcase a more Thai art style with floral designs that signify growth and my heritage, unifying the cultural theme throughout the piece. The final Panel 5 features hands uplifting the phrase, "We Belong Here." It is a tribute to our present place and how Downtown Orlando is a hub for communal gatherings and safeguarding the future of human rights.

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